Gary Sharlow
San Francisco Bay Area

About Me

In my professional life, I look to bring my creativity together with strong project management expertise to help others bring their ideas to life. The majority of my career has been spent in informal learning in a non-profit work environment where I’ve brought diverse audiences together to enjoy and be stimulated by engaging and critical conversations about life in today’s complex world.

After attending graduate studies at Sonoma State University, I worked in the education division at the California Academy of Sciences where I designed programs to engage adult audiences in thought, conversation and action for the natural world. As part of my work, I not only designed the programs from incubation to full production, I also worked to market the events to the general public to drive audience participation. This has uniquely positioned me to have a thorough understanding and lived experience with strategic planning, project management, event management, and program delivery… all with the added benefit of knowing how to market programs and projects.

Along the way, I have learned how to use multiple email newsletter platforms, social media channels and digital marketing strategies. I have designed websites since 1997 and am an expert in user design and possess the capacity to integrate websites with a variety of marketing tools and strategies. I enjoy the creative aspect of bringing an idea to fruition in both a virtual and physical presence in the world. I provide people with the tools they need to take their project to the next level. I thoroughly enjoy collaborating on complex projects that provide deep meaning in our world.